Complications Related to Parkinson’s Disease


If you have a loved one with Parkinson’s disease, you know the many adjustments that the patient and the family should take to manage the condition. Through every stage of their condition, we must provide them with adequate support.

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Aside from care and support activities, one important thing you can get from your doctors or healthcare team is the details about the complications of Parkinson’s. To be truly ready to care for your loved one, knowing the complications beforehand can help you and the family prepare.

Very early or upon the diagnosis of the disease, the patient may experience emotional changes and depression. This is understandable. Receiving unfortunate news can be very difficult to bear and the patient will feel sad, anxious, or angry among others. You can consult with your doctor on treatment plans to manage depression. As the disease progresses, the family must be ready to encounter cognitive issues and thinking difficulties.

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