Alzheimer’s/Dementia In-home Care

Ann’s Professional Home Care is a trusted provider of Alzheimer’s/Dementia in-home care in the Philadelphia Region. Our compassionate and highly experienced Caring Professionals provide comprehensive support with the full spectrum of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that enables individuals who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s/Dementia disease to continue living both safely and comfortably. Ann’s Professional Home Care can offer reliable in-home care assistance to individuals who are residing at a private home, independent living or assisted living facility, nursing home and hospital.

When is Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Needed?

If you are noticing symptoms of Alzheimer’s/Dementia in your loved one, or they require significant assistance with ADLs due to the progression of their condition, you should consider the option for professional in-home care support. In addition to professional support with ADLs, In-home Alzheimer’s/Dementia care services can also help to keep them safe and as engaged as possible. When you are determining which in-home care agency is right for your loved one who is struggling with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, here are some important questions to consider:

  • How much assistance does your loved one require with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?
  • How far has their disease progressed?
  • Is the primary caregiver and other supporting family members able to support all the needs of the individual?
  • How can in-home care benefit both an individual with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and their caregiver?
  • How experienced and qualified is the in-home care agency who is providing care.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia In-Home Care Services

A person with Alzheimer’s/Dementia will gradually begin the process of losing independence as their disease progresses. In time, they will no longer able to do many of the things they once did before the onset of the disease. Attending to the needs of clients that are suffering from memory loss and other complications presented by dementing illnesses is very different than other types of in-home care and requires specialized training. Our experienced team has undergone thorough training and is certified in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Supporting Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Ann’s Professional Home Care’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia in-home care services offer individuals who are struggling with Alzheimer’s/Dementia assistance in completing the essential activities of daily living (ADLs), regardless of setting. Being able to complete vital ADLs is needed in order to maintain a high quality of life and a degree of independence. The level of care provided can vary based upon the specific needs of the individual. One client may only require somewhat minimal assistance while another may require more comprehensive support, or even 24/7 care and supervision. Ann’s Professional Home Care can provide seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia with friendly social interaction and the aide needed completion of the six major classifications of ADLs:


Maintaining a nutritious diet is essential for seniors because it supports the health of muscles and bones which may be susceptible to injury as the result of a fall. Additionally, proper nourishment will help seniors to feel better and have more energy, leading to an improved mood. We can help with the preparation and cleanup of meals as well as direct feeding.

Bathing and Hygiene

Many seniors need extra help with bathing and keeping up with a routine personal hygiene that
includes oral care and skin care. We can effectively support the daily personal hygiene and bathing needs of individuals under our care. Additionally, individuals who remain in a bed or in a wheelchair are at a particular risk for bedsores, which we pay attention to and can work to prevent and resolve.


Managing laundry and dressing/undressing can present a challenge for some individuals with
Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Our professional caregivers will ensure that clients are able to dress/undress more easily. We are also capable of handling laundry ensuring clients have easy access to a clean wardrobe.


Mobility is often an issue for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Being able to remain mobile inside and outside a client’s residence is extremely important. Our Caring Professionals are able to assist clients with mobility and getting around the house and in/out of bed, to an outside location such as the doctor’s office, or for a light walk. Safe mobility is the central focus of our in-home care team who adhere to safe mobility practices in order to effectively minimize the risk of hazardous falls and other related injuries.


Our compassionate in-home care professionals understand the aging process exceptionally well
and are able to fully help an individual with toileting and getting to the bathroom. Our aides are able to manage these needs tactfully as toileting needs can be a very sensitive issue for clients. We can also help with continence care, which can include changing adult diapers as well as changing and emptying catheter drainage bags.

C.A.R.E.S – Connect, Assess, Respond, Evaluate, Share

When we work with memory care clients we use the Alzheimer’s Association CARES platform. CARES is a mnemonic tool for the steps used in interacting with the client. We first Connect with the client. Next, we Assess their behavior and current mood. We then Respond appropriately. As we interact with the client, we Evaluate what is working. We will then Share with the team members what we have learned.
We have found that there are a number of proven techniques used in working with memory-care clients–methods of interacting and communicating–that facilitate a better experience and quality-of-life for our clients. We have been trained to understand behavior as a means of communication. This is an invaluable technique, as over the course of time our memory care clients lose the ability to articulate their needs and, instead, do so through behaviors.

Benefits Alzheimer’s/Dementia In-Home Care

The team at Ann’s Professional Home Care provides comprehensive support with Activities of Daily Living that enables people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia to achieve a better overall quality of life while simultaneously experiencing meaningful social stimulation. We pay close attention to our client’s needs in order to help them to continue living a safe and happy life aside from the limitations and discomfort of their disease. Our nurturing in-home care professionals often form a meaningful bond with our clients who look upon them as a close and reliable companion despite their struggles.

Supporting Caregiver

Ann’s Professional Home Care also places a heavy emphasis on directly supporting primary caregivers and family members. Satisfying the entire range of needs for a senior loved one can be worrisome, stressful, and frustrating. Our in-home care services work to alleviate much of the physical and mental burdens that are often associated with full or part-time caregiving by assisting with caregiving responsibilities.

This valuable assistance can help primary caregivers to have more free time so that they can also focus on their other important responsibilities beyond providing care or, take an opportunity to rest and recharge. Ann’s Professional Home Care strives to make life simpler and easier for everyone involved in the care plan.

Certified and Experienced Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Professionals

Ann’s Professional Home Care has been supporting individuals who are managing Alzheimer’s/Dementia and their families in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Lehigh and Dauphin Counties.

Ann’s Professional Home Care employs the most reliable and highly skilled Caring Professionals available. These well-trained in-home care professionals ensure the safety and well being of the individuals we serve while alleviating the distress of the primary caregiver. In addition to our reputation for providing excellent care, our clients feel comfortable entrusting care of their loved one to our team because of our extensive screening process which includes:

  • Careful evaluation of oral and written communication abilities
  • Thorough in-person interview(s)
  • Health screenings
  • National criminal background check
  • Discerning review of personal and professional references