Ways to Support Your Loved One with Dementia


If your loved one is living with dementia, you may feel stressed, guilty, and overwhelmed. However, as a home care in Willow Grove, PA, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. In fact, over 16 million people here in the US alone are caring for someone with dementia.

Even the most seasoned caregivers have experienced your struggles. But while it is a challenge to care for your loved ones, your support is what will help them the most.

If you need advice on how to support your loved one with the condition, here are some tips from the best home care in Philadelphia:

  • Accept Their Condition

    Your loved one obviously has difficulty accepting their diagnosis, but as their family member, it’s equally challenging to process.

    Just give everyone time to absorb the news. Being in denial will hurt more than help.

  • Express Your Feelings

    In the early stages of the diagnosis, it’s normal to be in shock or to feel scared or even angry. Give your loved ones the avenue to share their emotions. However, you also need to deal with your own feelings. Speak to someone you trust.

  • Learn Everything You Can About Dementia

    By learning more about dementia and the way it progresses, you’ll equip yourself better for the months and years to come.

  • Think About the Future

    Your commitment and dedication to your loved ones play a big impact on their overall quality of life. But, as the disease progresses, they may need more than what you’re capable of giving. Do not hesitate to consider round-the-clock care.

If your loved one needs home care, Ann’s Professional Home Care(APHC) can help. Please contact us to learn more about our non-medical care in Norristown.

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