Sick/Injured Recovery Care

Ann’s Professional Home Care provides comprehensive support with Activities of Daily Living to recovering sick or injured individuals in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Lehigh and Dauphin Counties. Professional support from our Care Professionals enables people who are recovering from sickness, injury, or mobility limitations, to receive the in-home care assistance they require in order to continue living a full and happy life from home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. During the process of determining which in-home care agency is right for you or your loved one’s particular situation, here are some questions to consider:

  • Who is sick, injured, or physically limited enough to need in-home non-medical assistance with Activities of Daily Living, and what activities might they need help with?
  • Is an in-home care agency capable and qualified to meet the specific wants and needs of the recovering sick or injured individual?

When is Sick/Injured In-Home Care Needed?

The recovery process can be a short ordeal or it can endure for months while the body is healing and getting back to normal. Unfortunately, one of the more traumatic events associated with recovering from sickness or injury is the discomfort of being away from the home environment. Oftentimes, a recovering individual may need intensive or specialized medical attention that requires a stay at a hospital or care facility. For when the recovery process can occur mostly at an individual’s home, there may be a multitude of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that are unable occur without professional support from an in-home care professional.

Perhaps you or a loved one is recovering from sickness or injury and some extra caregiving help is needed in the house in various ways throughout the day. A spouse or another loved one could be around to help with some of the aspects of caring for a recovering sick or injured individual, but may need to keep going to work for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, a recovering sick or injured person requires some degree of specialized attention and support to accomplish normal Activities of Daily Living throughout home such as cooking and eating, cleaning and house chores, or bathing and going to the bathroom.

Our In-Home Care for Services for Recovering Individuals

Ann’s Professional Home Care offers customizable and completely flexible in-home care services and ADL support in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Bucks Counties. Ann’s Professional Home Care’s Care Professionals can steadily increase the quality-of-life for recovering sick or injured individuals by helping them live more comfortably and independently safe from a familiar home setting or care facility.

ADLs Support and Assistance

It is always important for our team members to achieve the trust of those we serve. We cover every detail to ensure that individuals under our care feel comfortable and attended to. Ann’s Professional Home Care seeks to provide clients and families peace of mind with the level of care the client and our team decides to implement. Scheduling a complimentary evaluation in your home will carefully determine the levels of care and ADL assistance needed during a sick or injured individual’s recovery process.

Our in-home care professionals can support recovering sick or injured individuals with fulfillment of the six major types of Activities of Daily Living are outlined below:


Access to a healthy diet is very important for sick and injured individuals in order to help strengthen and support the central nervous system during the recovery process. Our team members can prepare nutritious and delicious meals, assist with the act of feeding, and clean up everything afterwards.

Bathing and Hygiene

Sick or injured individuals may need extra assistance with bathing and keeping up with normal personal hygiene activities such as oral care and skin care. People who remain in bed or in a wheelchair are at a certain risk for accumulating bedsores which can be an issue that we can work to prevent and resolve. Our Care Professionals will facilitate the daily bathing needs of an individual while promoting consistent personal hygiene.


Our in-home care services allow for time for the clients to do as much self-dress as they can for themselves, and if applicable, allow them to select the clothing they would be wearing that day. If they can put clothing on but only need help for buttons or shoes, we try to have multiple wardrobe choices available.


Ready for a new haircut but haven’t been able to make it to the salon? Hair needs to be clean, cut, trimmed, or shaved based on the client’s needs and preferences. We can manage the general requests of grooming.


Our in-home care professionals can assist getting around the house, and also with light stretching and walking.


Sickness and injury can prevent someone from accessing the bathroom alone. Our Care Professional understand the complexities of the recovery process and are capable of carefully transporting a client to and from the bathroom. We provide incontinence care which could include changing adult diapers and emptying catheter drainage bags.

Benefits of In-Home Care for Sick/Injured Individuals

Ann’s Professional Home Care’s efforts focus on directly supporting primary caregivers and family members. Satisfying the entire range of ADL needs for a sick or injured family member involves several worries and fears for any caregiver because there is a wide variety of accompanying details and challenges of care to consider. Our comprehensive in-home care services work to alleviate much of the anxiety and stress often associated with full or part-time caregiving.

Support from our experienced Care Professionals can help family caregivers to make more time to dedicate attention to some of life’s other important responsibilities outside of caregiving duties. Ann’s Professional Home Care attempts to make life simplified and more manageable for everyone involved in the care plan by sharing those crucial caregiving responsibilities which support a sick or injured individual to live safely, healthily, and comfortably from home during the recovery process.

Why You Should Choose Ann’s Professional Home Care

Ann’s Professional Home Care has exceptional Care Professionals who are caring and sincere professionals that utilize their depth of expertise for accomplishing an individual’s ADLs.

Our Focus on Person Centered Care

Ann’s Professional Home Care runs on the philosophy of Person Centered Care. Person Centered Care focuses on putting clients and their families at the front and center of all decisions relevant to care. Person Centered Care is the practice of caring for the individual human in entirety rather than an individual’s diagnosis. Person Centered Care sees our clients and primary caregivers as equal cooperators in assessing and maintaining levels of care to ensure it is effectively suitable for all situations for a period of time. We carefully strive to understand the client’s various concerns, hobbies, preferences, and the activities they wish to continue while under our care – allowing us to pair our clients with a well-matched Care Professional.