End-of-life Care

Ann’s Professional Home Care provides comprehensive end-of-life in-home care services in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Lehigh and Dauphin Counties. Our highly qualified and compassionate in-home care professionals can help to ensure that individuals facing life-limiting illness can preserve as much comfort and self-sufficiency as possible in the setting that is most appropriate for the individual. With support from Ann’s Professional Home Care’s end-of-life care services, family members and caregivers can rest assured knowing that their loved one is receiving professional assistance with the imperative Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Completion of ADLs is an essential component of maintaining a desirable overall quality-of-life.

It is a good idea for patients and families to consider utilizing in-home care services alongside medical treatment as soon as possible so that the patients and their families may enjoy their time together feeling more comfortable.

When is End-of-life Care Needed

In the final stages of a life-limiting disease, an individual’s care priorities may shift. Instead of solely pursuing aggressive curative treatments, a patient may begin to value the relief and management of pain and other physical symptoms, emotional stress, and having to struggle less with daily tasks. Patients who are having difficulty completing basic ADLs or, are unable to safely complete them on their own are ideal candidates for end-of-life in-home care support. In- home care may also be the best option in situations where family members and primary caregivers are unable to provide the care required.

Availability of Caregivers and Family Members

Primary caregivers can’t always be at the same location as a loved one, and sometimes the level of non-medical care they need is beyond your capabilities. The benefits of end-of-life care can relieve some of the feelings of guilt associated with not being able to give enough attention or specialized care to a loved one suffering from life-limiting illness because of issues such as physical inability, time constraints, and location. Ann’s Professional Home Care Care’s end-of-life care services can allow caregivers and other family members to rest assured with confidence as they know their loved one is receiving the compassionate attention and care that they need.

General Criteria for End-of-life Care

There are a broad range of things to consider when assessing an individual’s needs for end-of-life care. The only way to be sure is to have a professional in-home care evaluation conducted. Ann’s Professional Home Care provides in-home care evaluations completely free of charge. For patients and family members who are beginning to research end-of-life care, some general factors to consider when gauging a candidate’s needs for in-home care may include the following:

  • The individual has done several trips to the emergency room, their condition has stabilized, but the life-limiting illness is still progressing and is negatively affecting their overall quality-of-life.
  • The individual has been admitted to the hospital multiple times in the last year with the same or worsening symptoms and there are no viable treatment options available (as determined by their attending physician).
  • The individual wishes to remain at in-home or in the facility that they are more comfortable with.

Our End-of-Life In-home Care Services

The central focus of our end-of-life in-home care services is to help make certain that the final months, weeks, or days that your loved one experiences are as comfortable and at peace as possible. We place a heavy emphasis on fulfilling a patient’s routine ADLs needs and other unanticipated demands with our end-of-life care service offerings.

An individual’s unique circumstances will determine the level of in-home care support that is required. No individual or family is the same and different situations will require different levels of support. Ann’s Professional Home Care can provide compassionate end-of-life in-home care support that ranges from minimal interaction to more extensive or even 24/7 total assistance and supervision.

Practical Care and ADL Assistance

Perhaps your loved one during end-of-life can no longer sit, eat, talk, walk, or understand what is going on around them. Some routine Activities of Daily Living, including bathing, feeding, toileting, dressing, and turning could require too much for one caregiver to handle and demands a lot of physical strength on the part of the willing caregiver. Ann’s Professional Home Care can maintain a realistically high quality-of-life for individuals during end-of-life by helping them live as comfortable as possible in a preferred home setting. Our in-home care professionals can support caregivers and end-of-life patients by supporting their efforts to accomplish the six major types of Activities of Daily Living outlined below:


Maintaining a nutritious diet is essential for seniors because it supports the health of muscles and bones which may be susceptible to injury as the result of a fall. Additionally, proper nourishment will help seniors to feel better and have more energy, leading to an improved mood. We can help with the preparation and cleanup of meals as well as direct feeding.

Bathing and Hygiene

Many seniors need extra help with bathing and keeping up with a routine personal hygiene that includes oral care and skin care. We can effectively support the daily personal hygiene and bathing needs of individuals under our care. Additionally, individuals who remain in a bed or in a wheelchair are at a particular risk for bedsores, which we pay attention to and can work to prevent and resolve.


Managing laundry and dressing/undressing can present a challenge for some individuals with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Our professional caregivers will ensure that clients are able to dress/undress more easily. We are also capable of handling laundry ensuring clients have easy access to a clean wardrobe.


Individuals with Alzheimer’s/Dementia sometimes overlook regular grooming. Our experienced in-home care aides can help with the regular maintenance of grooming such as trimming nails, cutting hair, shaving hair, and other common grooming activities when it is time to do so.


Mobility is often an issue for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Being able to remain mobile inside and outside a client’s residence is extremely important. Our Caring Professionals are able to assist clients with mobility and getting around the house and in/out of bed, to an outside location such as the doctor’s office, or for a light walk. Safe mobility is the central focus of our in-home care team who adhere to safe mobility practices in order to effectively minimize the risk of hazardous falls and other related injuries.


Our compassionate in-home care professionals understand the aging process exceptionally well and are able to fully help an individual with toileting and getting to the bathroom. Our aides are able to manage these needs tactfully as toileting needs can be a very sensitive issue for clients. We can also help with continence care, which can include changing adult diapers as well as changing and emptying catheter drainage bags.

Benefits of End-of-life In-Home Care for Patients

Incorporating the usefulness of non-medical end-of-life caregiving alongside physician recommended treatments can help to help the patient to achieve their quality of life goals. Facing the realities of a life-limiting illness is difficult enough without feeling frustrated or disheartened by ADLs. ADLs support from our in-home care professionals makes daily life easier for patients while offering valuable social stimulation. Ann’s Professional Home Care’s end-of-life care allows the patient to focus on enjoying their remaining time living peacefully and comfortably.

Benefits of End-of-life In-Home Care for Caregivers

Ann’s Professional Home Care focuses on supporting and assisting primary caregivers as well as patients. Satisfying the entire range of daily needs of a loved one can be both taxing and worrisome for any caregiver. Our non-medical end-of-life care services work to alleviate much of the anxiety and stress that are come along with full or part-time caregiving. ADLs support and encouragement from our compassionate team members can help family caregivers to free up time for life’s other important responsibilities apart from caregiving. Ann’s Professional Home Care diligently focus on making life simpler and more manageable for primary caregivers.

Respite Care

Although it is commonly overlooked, caregivers have limitations. A caregiver may need to go to work, go out for a few hours, or might need an opportunity to rest and recharge from the intense end-of-life ordeal. 24/7 in-home care and supervision can provide a vital period of respite for primary caregivers.

Why You Should Choose Our End-of-life Care Services

Do you or your loved one need end-of-life care support? Ann’s Professional Home Care provide Care Professionals, who are proficient at offering the best in-home care services for individuals and their caregivers in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks Counties. Our Care Professionals are sincere heartfelt individuals who come highly skilled and certified in assisting with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Additionally, our personnel undergo a thorough screening process before they are hired. Our screening process includes:

  • Evaluative in-person interview(s)
  • Required health screenings
  • Nationwide criminal background check
  • Comprehensive review of personal references
  • Assessment of both written and oral communication skills

Our Person Centered Care Philosophy

Our philosophy of Person Centered Care revolves acknowledges clients and caregivers as equal partners in developing a plan and continually assessing care to make sure it is consistently satisfying each care requirement. We take into consideration the client’s various preferences – allowing us to match our clients with an experienced caregiver that is an ideal fit.