1. Support and Care Services
    Time and time again, our clients and their families tell us how much they really appreciate all the extra services we provide—the services that show them that we genuinely care about their family members as if they were our own.
  2. Client/Caregiver Matching
    • Our care professionals are carefully matched with clients.
    • We review our Care Professionals characteristics database to find the best possible matches.
    • We set up an in-person interview with the client to be absolutely sure we find the best match.
    • Ann’s Professional Home Care provides both male and female Care Professionals—male Care Professionals are often selected by our male clients as a preference, or by their families to help those with more aggressive tendencies.
  3. Meeting Higher Standards
    Ann’s Professional Home Care takes great pride in hiring the very best qualified and experienced care professionals to our team. Our hiring process is rigorous, including: verbal and written skills assessments, interviews—including in-person interviews—health screenings, nationwide criminal background checks and personal reference checks. We only hire individuals that we would want caring for our own families.
  4. Privately Owned
    We are a privately owned business. We are not a franchise, so we can customize and personalize every care plan to your family’s needs.
  5. Personal Experience
    The members of our management team have all personally experienced the stress involved in trying to juggle caring for their loved one safely while trying to manage their own lives and families. This puts us at an advantage for understanding how our clients are feeling, and what they are going through, at this difficult time. We believe that this personal experience is just one of the things that set Ann’s Professional Home Care apart from other companies.
  6. Person Centered Care
    We practice Person Centered Care. Person Centered Care relies on the philosophy of treating the person and not just the diagnosis. We want to understand the client’s likes and dislikes, their hobbies and affiliations, food preferences, and the activities they enjoy.
  7. Team Approach
    A key contributor to Ann’s Professional Home Care’s client satisfaction is our team approach. We know that often the adult children, extended family, friends, doctors and physical therapists may be involved in working to support the senior. At Ann’s Professional Home Care, we integrate into the care team to provide the best possible support for our clients. We ensure communication and cooperation with the professionals that refer to us. This approach facilitates our clients receiving the very best care solutions possible.
  8. Alzheimer’s Care
    Because many clients with memory care needs would otherwise need to be placed in a specialized care facility, our team has undergone extensive training and is certified in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care by the Alzheimer’s Association to allow these clients to remain in their current environment safely and comfortably. When we work with memory care clients, we use the Alzheimer’s Association CARES platform.
  9. Continuity of Care
    We are proponents of Continuity of Care. It is important for our memory-care clients to have a regular Care Professional—we know that new faces and unfamiliarity with the client’s routine are not conducive to a positive care environment. The client and Care Professional develop a crucial working relationship, trust and imperative comfort level. We typically invite our new clients and their families to interview several different care professionals that we feel would be a good fit and then make their own decision.
  10. Responsive
    We have an excellent record for quickly responding to clients and families who were not prepared, or were not expecting to need to seek care. We are available 24/7 by phone or email, and can provide same-day care for those unscheduled care needs. When it comes to problem solving, we are flexible and responsive and we will react swiftly should a problem occur.
  11. Reliability
    Our clients know we will always be there. We have carefully refined our system to allow our Care Professionals to confirm their arrival at every appointment (and in the event of an emergency the entire management team is alerted electronically before an appointment is missed).
  12. Honesty and Integrity

    Our commitment to clients, partners and ourselves:

    • We work in the best interest for our client, providing excellent personalized care through a team of great caregivers.
    • Honesty and integrity are the corner stones of our business.
    • We do what we say we will do (and will tell you up-front if we cannot).
  13. Pricing
    Ann’s Professional Home Care distinguishes itself by offering a simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure. We charge a standard hourly rate that applies on days, nights, and weekends. In addition, we do not charge for our initial or ongoing evaluations.