The Role of Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s Care


If all else fails, music speaks. Music has a calming effect to help us relax and give us comfort. It also allows us to travel back in time as we never fail to find a song for every emotion and moment. What’s more is that music has been proven effective in reducing agitation and anxiety, backed up by countless studies that show music therapy helps patients with Alzheimer’s.

As a caregiver or family member of someone with Alzheimer’s, you constantly seek new ways to provide comfort, ease anxiety, and stimulate cognitive function. Since the disease has no cure, therapists suggest that with good intentions and the right playlist, music therapy significantly improves behavioral changes, social functioning, and mood during a frightening time. Whether your loved one(s) are in the early or late stages of Alzheimer’s, here are things to consider when incorporating music therapy into their Alzheimer’s care plan:

  • Be sure to include songs from their youth or significant life events.

    Watching them light up as they recall precious memories is truly heartwarming. Witness the transformative power of music as it brightens their day and nurtures their well-being.

  • Encourage social interaction.

    Singing or dancing along to their favorite songs reduces their feelings of isolation. Organize group music sessions or sing along together during your visits. Remember, the key is to curate the experience to your loved one’s preferences and abilities.

Embrace the power of music to create positive change in your loved one’s life. As you forge this melodic journey together, create beautiful and lasting memories you both will cherish.

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