Taking the Right Steps to Stay on Your Feet

Taking the Right Steps to Stay on Your Feet

A simple misstep can change your life—tripping on a rug or slipping off a wet floor can cause you to take a trip to the emergency room like thousands of older men and women every year. That’s why caregivers must pay attention to these risk factors and other contributing factors that cause falls among senior adults.

Follow these tips from the best home care in Philadelphia to prevent falls and broken bones.

  • Regular exercise can make one stronger and help keep joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible and the muscles strong. Walking and climbing stairs can also mitigate bone loss and osteoporosis.
  • Sight and Hearing Test. Poor eyesight and hearing loss are some of the risk factors of falls among seniors. As one grows older, the reflexes are not as sharp as when they were younger, thus increasing the risks of falls. Older adults may need to have caregivers in Springfield PA, to assist them in their daily tasks.
  • Know the Side Effects of Medicines. Some prescription medicines can increase the risk of falling because they can cause dizziness and confusion as side effects.
  • Stand up slowly. When you stand up too quickly, it can make you wobbly and fall.
  • Recognize When to Ask for Help. It can be from a family member or even an assistive device. You may also avail of non medical care in Norristown to ensure that your loved ones are safe at home.

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