Tips on Falling Prevention at Home

Tips on Falling Prevention at Home

Falling is the most common cause of injury among the elderly at home, which is why you need to take precautions more seriously. Consider these tips from the best home care in Philadelphia to ensure their safety, alone or not at home:

  • Declutter your home
    Stacks of items on the way look harmless but they can cause critical harm, especially if they’re in staircases or hallways. Let home care in Chester PA help you declutter and keep your home constantly neat and tidy.
  • Remove tripping hazard
    Home fixtures such as loose carpet, wood floorboards sticking up, slippery throw rugs, cords, or wires can contribute to falls. Caregivers can help you assess which parts at home need clearing out and get rid of these tripping hazards.
  • Install handrails and grab bars
    A provider of non medical care in Norristown recommends that you install these additions, particularly handrails in the stairways and hallways, and grab bars in bathtubs and toilets.
  • Proper lighting
    Brighter light bulbs are preferred, especially in narrow hallways and stairways. Add brighter lights in bathrooms and bedrooms as well.
  • Live one level
    As much as possible, have everything you need downstairs or live one level. If not, limit your stairway trips and be extra careful.

Ann’s Professional Home Care provides non medical care in Upper Darby, PA. Allow us to make your home safer. Reach us today!

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