Safety Tips During Balancing Exercises

Safety Tips During Balancing Exercises

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries for older adults. To reduce the risk of suffering from falls, doing simple balancing exercises regularly is recommended. You can do toe stands, knee curls, leg extensions, and even walking exercises to improve your balance.

However, safety cautions should always be observed when doing these workouts. As the best home care in Philadelphia, Ann’s Professional Home Care provides our seniors with the following important safety tips to prevent injuries when working out:

  • Know your pace and limits. Before starting your exercise regimen, consult first with your doctor regarding your limits and pace according to your current health condition. You may also engage the services of caregivers in Springfield PA to assist you during your exercise and ensure your safety.
  • Warm-up and cool down. Do warming up and cooling down stretches before and after the workout proper, respectively. Your caregivers can also assist you during these stretches to help prevent cramps or getting your muscles strained.
  • Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of your fluids while working out so it is important to drink water before and after a workout session.

Our services for non-medical care in Norristown include fall prevention. Our professional caregivers are trained in fall prevention. They also know first aid treatments in case this kind of accident happens.

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