Navigating the Challenges of Sundowning in Dementia

Caring for a loved one with dementia brings rewards and challenges, and sundowning is one of the complex challenges. Sundowning, characterized by increased confusion and restlessness in the late afternoon and evening, is common among individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

While it can be distressing for both caregivers and seniors, understanding and proactive strategies, including the assistance of home care services, can help ease the challenges and provide support at home.

Sundowning often leads to wandering, agitation, anxiety, and even aggression. Various factors, including fatigue, sensory overload, and disruptions in the circadian rhythm, can trigger these behaviors. To address these challenges, our home care professionals work together to create a supportive environment that minimizes triggers and promotes a sense of calm.

Preventing falls is a crucial aspect of caring for seniors with dementia, especially during episodes of sundowning when confusion and agitation are heightened. Our dedicated caregivers are well-versed in strategies to ensure the safety of your loved one, implementing measures to prevent falls and accidents.

From removing clutter and trip hazards to assisting with mobility, our home care services in Philadelphia are committed to creating a secure living space that allows individuals with dementia to move freely without unnecessary risks.

Our home care in Philadelphia extends beyond the physical aspects of care; we also focus on creating a nurturing and reassuring atmosphere that promotes emotional well-being. Understanding that communication is critical when navigating the challenges of sundowning, our caregivers excel in maintaining a compassionate and patient approach.

They actively listen, offering a supportive presence that helps ease anxiety and restlessness. By acknowledging your loved one’s emotions and validating their experiences, our caregivers establish a strong foundation of trust and companionship.

In your journey of navigating the challenges of dementia, Ann’s Professional Home Care(APHC) is your dedicated partner. We invite you to take action by calling us today.

Explore how our specialized care can make a profound difference.

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