How to Help a Senior With Physical Limitations


As we age, we eventually lose the ease of our bodily functions. We may not be able to hear well, walk steadily, or see clearly.

Some seniors call for help when they experience these issues. But some may keep to themselves out of shame for others or their own dignity. Their caregivers must be able to adjust their approach based on how the elderly person deals with their condition.

Aside from direct assistance in mobility, there are different ways that you can help a senior who is experiencing vision loss. Here are some examples.

  • Adequate light for a good sight.
    Good lighting illuminates the way. Making it easier for seniors to avoid obstacles and keep their balance.
  • Organize the house for better safety.
    Maintaining organization in the house ensures every item has a place. Objects lying on the floor increase risk of tripping. Clutter such as electrical wires and even rugs can become safety hazards.
  • Let them know you are ready to help.
    Some seniors may have difficulty asking for help. But whatever their reason, let them know and feel you are just a call away. Whenever they are ready to ask, help is available.

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