Exercises that Help Prevent Falls in Seniors


Falls are the leading cause of physical injury and traumatic brain injury in seniors. Senior loved ones with a disability or medical condition, such as visual impairments, neuropathy, dementia, acute illness, and cardiovascular disease, have a higher risk of falling.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to protect your senior loved ones from falling. One is by encouraging them to do regular strength exercises and balance exercises. These exercises will help improve their strength, balance, and flexibility and reduce their risk of falling.

Here are some great exercises for your senior loved ones that can help prevent falls:

  • Leg bends
  • Knee bends
  • Stretching the back of your leg
  • Strength training exercises
  • Balance exercises

If it is difficult for your senior loved ones to do exercise routines alone, we will be ready and willing to lend them an extra hand. Our caregivers in Springfield PA will assist your senior loved ones while performing their routines to ensure their safety and avoid injuries.

Ann’s Professional Home Care is the provider of the best home care in Philadelphia. We strive to provide quality home care services to help improve you and your senior loved ones’ quality of life.

We provide quality non medical care in Norristown. We will assist your senior loved ones with certain activities and routines that are difficult for them to complete to help make their everyday lives easier.

If a friend or a family member needs help from caregivers to assist them at home, please refer them to us. Also, feel free to schedule an appointment with us at your desired time. You can contact us at 610-839-8303 to know more about the services that we provide.

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