Common Warning Signs of Dementia

Common Warning Signs of Dementia

Dementia is common among seniors, affecting their mood, memory, and behavior. Dementia patients deal with the symptoms differently; however, it is necessary to understand the warning signs to make sure you know how to take care of your loved ones. Ann’s Professional Home Care prepared a list below.

  • Changes in short-term memory
    If your seniors at home display short-term memory changes like forgetting where they left an item or struggling to remember why they went to their bedroom, these could be early symptoms of dementia. When these changes start to affect their daily routine and safety, it would be best to seek additional assistance from caregivers at home.
  • Abrupt changes in mood
    Sudden mood changes also affect the senior’s behavior, making it easy for you to spot whether they have changed from being shy to outgoing. Some seniors also feel depressed, anxious, or extreme loneliness, which are also a few of the typical symptoms of early dementia. Caregivers offering non medical care in Norristown provide companionship and assistance to seniors to address their wants and needs.
  • Problems in completing daily tasks
    When seniors start to struggle with completing household chores, it is an indication that they have early dementia. They may also find it hard to learn new things or follow new routines. With the help of home care in Chester, PA, your loved ones can remain safe and convenient despite the limitations that dementia brings.

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