Common Misunderstandings About Sundowning in Dementia


Sundowning, commonly linked to dementia and especially Alzheimer’s disease, can also manifest in various other cognitive impairments. It is a phenomenon that encompasses a host of symptoms typically intensifying during late afternoons or evenings. These symptoms may involve confusion, agitation, restlessness, mood fluctuations, and heightened behavioral issues. Allow us here at Ann’s Professional Home Care, a premier provider of home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to give you a closer look at such occurrences.

Intending to enable more families to navigate sundowning more effectively, we have taken the initiative to compile and dispel prevalent misconceptions about them. They are as follows:

  • It is a one-size-fits-all experience for individuals with dementia.

    In reality, sundowning symptoms can vary widely among people. Some may become agitated or aggressive, while others become withdrawn or anxious. The specific symptoms and their severity can differ from one person to another.

  • It is entirely preventable.

    Although there are strategies to manage sundowning symptoms, there is currently no surefire method for its complete prevention. Caregivers are encouraged to create a calming environment, establish routines, and address unmet needs to alleviate the severity of patients’ symptoms.

  • Medications are the sole means of addressing sundowning.

    Medications represent one approach to managing sundowning, but they should be considered a last resort. Non-pharmacological methods are typically more effective and should be explored as the initial course of action.

Essentially, sundowning is a multifaceted phenomenon linked to dementia that can vary from one case to another. Gaining a good grasp of sundowning can empower caregivers to deliver the highest possible care and support to individuals with dementia encountering these symptoms. If you are ever in need of support, know that help is right around the corner. You are welcome to contact us at your convenience!


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